What is Korfball?

(a common question)

Korfball is the only truly mixed gender sport in the world.

It has similarities to netball, basketball and handball but the sport’s defensive play and tall baskets make it unique. A team is comprised of eight players: four male & four female. Each player is responsible for marking a player of the same sex from the opposing team when defending while all players have the opportunity to shoot when in attack.

Sound interesting? Check out some footage from one of our games on the link below:


Korfball was invented by the Dutch schoolteacher, Nico Broekhuysen, in 1902. The sport remains most popular in the Netherlands where there are over 100,000 players. Its popularity however is spreading globally. The sport takes its name from the Dutch word “korf” which simply means basket. These baskets are bottomless with no backboard, standing at an impressive 3.5m or 11.5ft.

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