Southampton University Korfball Club

SUKC was established in 2012, by korf legend Dave Creed, as an ally to the Spartans over at Southampton City. 

Our rapid success speaks for itself. Our first year, when almost everyone in the team had only just discovered the sport, saw us establish ourselves as the 2nd highest ranked southern university. In 2013 we surprised and defeated teams that had been playing korf for years, claiming 5th place in the National tournament. 

If SUKC hadn't already made a name for itself, 2014 did the trick. We achieved 3rd at Nationals, taking home bronze medals to prove it. Our very own Nikesh Patel (future captain) was voted player of the tournament, and others clearly impressed as Alex Bell and Kate Hotton represented England at the U21 European Championships later that year. 

How do you build on that start?

You win gold at Nationals 2015 of course. With the squad the strongest it had ever been, there were no doubts about our intentions. After a heroic half-time comeback in the semi-final - one that truly encapsulates the Spartan spirit that drives this club - we beat korf giants, UEA, in an epicly close final. That's right, 5th to 3rd to 1st place at Nationals - in just three years. The icing on the cake was a hat-trick with the league title, following a flawless season, and a cup to add to our silver-ware! A second layer of icing on that cake? Alex Bell, Kate Hotton, Nikesh Patel and Emma Bryant made the GB University Squad for the World Cup!

The most remarkable thing about SUKC's success though is the fact that all this was achieved by the guidance of a handful of players who already knew the sport. The vast majority of the Spartans had never played before and now we can't imagine life without korf! If you've read this far and you're still wondering "What's Korfball?" - come and find out. We're always looking to expand our legion and, contrary to our fierce reputation, are the friendliest bunch around.